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Currently offering:

  • Whole body Stem cell infusions

  • Stem cell Joint injections

  • Therapy with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

  • Red laser therapy for pain

  • AlphaStim therapy for depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Let us know how we can help you heal and stay feeling young! See the links at the bottom for therapies. Missing ones are upcoming, so please ask!

This website is here to provide people with hope by providing information and easy access to cutting edge therapies. Some clients may not have the ability to easily get to a provider or would rather have the convenience of in-home therapy.  We hope to introduce you to some of these remarkable modalities. I personally have chosen therapies that have helped me or my family’s health improve significantly. In addition, I  partner with only highly trained, kind, and caring professionals. This website is geared to providing our clients with quality research that is available, so that they may make informed decisions about some of the lesser well known therapies available.

Should some of these therapies be desired, clients may do so at their own risk, as we can not promise therapeutic results. Therapy is a partnership. It requires client participation for healing to take place. We want patients better, and if there is no improvement, we will discontinue therapy.

About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Dr. Tangri. I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my background. 

Why I became an Osteopthic physician: The summer after my first year of college while studying astronomy, I was rear ended severely at a stop light. I was in awful pain and traditional medicine didn't help. Then, I received significant relief from a chiropractor. This made me really interested in learning what caused pain and how to help or alleviate it, with not just medicines.  So, I decided to change majors and go to medical school! When I was volunteering at a tiny rural community hospital while taking premed courses, I met an osteopathic physician, a D.O. She explained that there are two types of medical schools in the US. An osteopathic medical school (D.O.) is more holistic and provides additional training in manipulative medicine, what chiropractors get, as opposed to a traditional allopathic (M.D.) school, yet they can both do the same residencies. The osteopathic schools traditionally gear their students to primary care fields, however, I am not traditional. 

Further Training: My internship year in internal medicine was geared towards specializing in endocrinology at Northwestern’s Evanston Hospital. My first residency, at Yale in nuclear medicine, was largely in oncology imaging, radiation safety, and medical therapy with radioactive pharmaceuticals. I did my second residency in diagnostic radiology and have practiced and served as oncology director for approximately 12 years for two large radiology companies.

How I found about stem cells and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy



Years ago, I had a complication from surgery and ended up with an infection in my right arm from my wrist to my shoulder. I nearly lost my life, and my arm. I was told it would take 400 days to regain my sensory and motor functions. I could not move my right thumb. I was quickly losing hope of ever working, let alone doing the things I have always normally done, like brush my teeth, write, or pick up something. 

I was then treated with stem cells and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field or Frequency (PEMF) therapy (See MobilePEMF). 

DAD's Story

Recently, my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease by two different physicians, his primary and his neurologist. He was deteriorating. It was hard to believe, but I saw him firsthand to witness the tremors, flat facies, and shuffling gait typical of Parkinson’s. His diagnosis made complete sense after some of the gradual changes we were witnessing, such as his tremors, deteriorating driving and increasingly frequent falls to the ground. He had at least 3 major falls to the ground in the last year, including one significant concussion. 

Miraculously, I am working and typing this well, and my dad seems back to normal. In fact he just drove to Canada and back from Chicago with my mom in the car! His former neurologist is baffled. We are now weaning him off Carbidopa! No tremors, falls, or progression since we started. In fact, he just went to see his ophthalmologist for his macular degeneration and the doctor questioned what the heck happened in the last year. Internally, my dads eyes are 20 years younger looking! He is pushing 80 and getting fiesty again. Thank God I can appreciate that!

Since all this has come about, I have decided to start a company and offer these services in Arizona and California for now.  Thank you for visiting, and please read on!


Information about PEMF


What is PEMF? Much like a battery, the human body is electric. Our cells carry voltage. The electric charges necessary to maintain optimum health in our cells can decline from age, injuries and illnesses. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) helps to restore this healthy electrical balance within the body. According to Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, author of Healing is Voltage, in order for our body’s tissues to heal and create new cells, the required cell voltage must be -50mV. PEMF therapy helps bring you to that level and thus alkalinizes you. It is also very safe. You can not be treated with an Electrons+ device if you have an implanted electronic device in you. And the effects in pregnancy are not known. However, they observed no adverse events from PEMF therapy and the following positive effects were reported:

  • Decreased pain

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Increased range of motion

  • Faster functional recovery

  • Reduced muscle loss after surgery

  • Increased tensile strength in ligaments

  • Faster healing of skin wounds

  • Enhanced capillary formation

  • Acceleration of nerve regeneration

  • Decreased tissue necrosis.

I use a PEMF device made by Electrons+: (The above information is from their web page). As they say, seeing is believing. In my case, I saw, and had to feel it. Please check out my site for more information and videos: MobilePEMF

Information about Stem Cells

In particular, the stem cells are obtained from a company, which provides the highest quality and sterility. An important consideration for me, is that the cells are not derived from embryos. These cells are harvested from umbilical cords of healthy donor mothers. This company has gone through stringent criteria and provide stem cells for the US military. This company uses actual mesenchymal stem cells, not just signaling agents, that many providers misleading advertise as stem cells in the US. Actual mesenchymal stem cells multiply and grow over a period of 6 months, so the final therapeutic result takes a long time to see. 


This is taken from the provider of the stem cells website, and I reiterate this strongly:

We do not seek to make claims about the effectiveness of stem cells in medical treatment. 

Stem cell therapies have great potential in treating a range of chronic conditions... stem cell medicine is an early and evolving field, and clinical studies are still insufficient to determine effectiveness. 

While the umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell product is produced in an FDA compliant laboratory, it has not been approved by the FDA for treatment effectiveness. The FDA states

Stem cells, like other medical products that are intended to treat, cure or prevent disease, generally require FDA approval before they can be marketed. FDA has not approved any stem cell-based products for use, other than cord blood-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells (blood forming stem cells) for certain indications. 

Patients interested in stem cell therapy in the U.S. are advised to consult a physician about the state of FDA approval for any given product and/or inquire about opportunities to participate in a clinical trial. Patients interested in stem cell therapy outside the U.S. should investigate regulations in the specific country. It is important to be aware that regulations and clinical study requirements vary from country to country.


Research on Stem Cells


The utility of stem cells is increasing daily. The system of the FDA may take 10 years for some of the protocols to be approved. I personally will be studying the protocol I utilized on my father, in collaboration with a neurologist for a research trial on Alzheimer’s. We are hoping for great success.Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Wish you success in your search for health, and make it a wonderful day!

Kindest Regards,

Rajiv Tangri, D.O.

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